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Electric Roses
13 November 2009 @ 11:07 am
I don't think you should write journal entries after drinking a hell of a lot of wine, they become a little disjointed and strange. Luckily, last nights attempt wasn't too hard to understand so I won't delete it. I'm still really happy my b/f has a job... it's a little strange not having him around all day though! Crap just got hiccups. Oh well, I need to start xmas shopping today, bet I don't though, bet I just play on Sims 3 all day >.<

Ps. Hangovers suck Dx
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Electric Roses
12 November 2009 @ 10:54 pm
My boyfriend is going to start his new job tomorrow xD finally! We'll have some money to spend. I'm so happy we can buy xmas presents, and who knows, maybe a new ps3! I was heartbroken when mine gave up on me, I'd love a new one >.< If only they were cheaper D: Still, we can save as much cash as we can... I still have fat princess to keep me occupied! Plus I'm really into sims 3 at the moment. I'm really looking forward to sims 3 world adventures, looks awsome. I bet I'm no where near as into this game in a years time D: but for now, it rocks my world xD I've never played sims so seriously before O.o
Current Location: My bedroom, Preston.
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Electric Roses
09 November 2009 @ 12:32 am
Well... it's been over a year since I last visited LiveJournal... I used to come here all the time before I went to college, but for the past three years it seems to be just one or two posts a year >.< Seeing as I said I'd start again with this journal in 2006 and didn't, I'm not going to say it again. O.o But seeing as this is now the username I have everywhere, it makes sense to keep this as my main journal (if I am to ever visit here again). My old journal and friends can lie untouched never to be spoken of again -.- I don't even know if I know anyone here anymore! Gah...

Well, journal, lets use you as you were intended. Today, I've mainly played Fat Princess. I love it so much :3 If anyone who reads this plays it, my PSN username is ElectricRoses (wow, shocker), feel free to add me so we can play together ^o^

Best part of the day: Confusing the hell out of a troll in FP. Ninjakut- threw bombs at his own base to breech the castle and kill people for the funz. I stole his bombs to stop him. He became a fire mage to set them off while I held them. Ok so that didn't work. I stood at the doors as an ice mage and defused all the bombs he threw. He came stood next to me, not seeming to understand how I was defusing the bombs, he kept trying to detinate the bombs, but hey, I defused them all again and again. lulz.

Worst part of the day: I had this weird sauce at dinner... I wouldn't recommend it if I could remember the name. Oh and being stuck on a team of total noobs in FP for ages D: They wouldn't understand teamwork even if archers stood on the four corners of the walls each with their own healer and hit them in the face -.-

Quote of the day: A E I OWN U! -FP
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